How to Join a Video Call on Phone

If you already have the Zoom app on your device, skip to Step 4.

Step 1​: Click on the App Store app to download the Zoom app.

Step 3: Click on the Zoom app and click the "download" symbol. (It should look like an arrow and then turn into the symbol shown below)

Step 5: You be taken to this page where you can Launch the Zoom Meeting and you will be automatically directed to the Zoom app, where you will be let in to the meeting by the host.

Step 2: Type in "zoom" into the search bar

Step 4: After the app is downloaded or if you already have the app, go to the email titled "Thanks for booking a Video-Call!" from Generations Unite. Then, click "Join Zoom Meeting".

OR you can go directly to the Zoom app and click "Join a Meeting"

Input the Meeting ID (which can be found after you click "Join Zoom Meeting" in the email) and click "Join Meeting" and wait for the host to let you in.

Step 6: Chat!

  • You can click the "mute" button in the lower left hand corner to unmute yourself to engage in conversation!

  • Click the "video" button in the lower left hand corner to turn on your camera and let your volunteer talk with you face to face!