Implementation Steps for Activities/Program Directors

Independent Living and Residents with Computer, Tablet, or Smartphone

  1. Hand out Flyers to advertise the program.

  2. For Computer Savvy residents, they can fill out the application online if they have a tablet, ipad, laptop, smartphone. 

  3. They will receive email confirmations once their application has been accepted and they can simply follow the online instructions on how to book a video call appointment with one of our volunteers.

  4. For Non-Computer Savvy Residents please see below.

Residents without Computer, Tablet, or Smartphone

  1. Hand out Flyers and Paper Applications to those that are interested

  2. You may even post our flyer in a common area or to your monthly newsletter!

  3. The application includes a terms of use and a waiver/release of liability form, so some interpretation may be needed

  4. Activities Director (AD) will scan the filled out applications and send them to (Or a shared google folder might be easier)

  5. Generations Unite will email AD a spreadsheet including the name and contact information of the residents’ assigned volunteers

  6. AD will be sent an email with instruction on how to schedule video-calling appointments (also the instructions as seen below)

How to Schedule Video-Calling Appointments for your Residents

  1. AD will go to the Generations Unite Website ( and sign up for an account on the upper right corner using an email that they have access to.

  2. For each resident, the AD will schedule an appointment with their assigned volunteer using the Book Online page

  3. Scroll down to the Video-Call Section and Select “Book Now”

  4. Select the “All staff” button on the upper right hand and select the assigned volunteer’s name to view their availability

  5. Select a date and time and Select “Next”

  6. On the next page, Enter the name of the resident being signed up

  7. Leave the email as one that you have access to

  8. Select “Book it”

  9. Repeat steps 8-14 for each resident

  10. AD will be emailed a confirmation email with a Zoom link and the video-call appointment details

  11. AD will download Zoom on a company Ipad or Computer (or Contact Generations Unite to receive a free donated tablet)

  12. On the day and time of the appointment, the AD will click on the emailed zoom link

  13. Set the tablet up for the resident similar to how you would if it was a facetime call for the resident's family member.

The logistical steps for the application at an Assisted Living Center are more involved and require time from the activities director; however, I believe that it is an efficient way to ensure that all of the residents are properly socialized and entertained. The activities director will have to do 2-4 minutes of work for a call that can last 30 minutes to an hour. 

Volunteer Security and Overall Safety

Regarding the concern of liability and the safety of the residents and volunteers, we have implemented a few precautions:

  • Volunteers will fill out a similar application as the older adult

  • Volunteers must register through an organization such as a high school or another non-profit organization or a religious organization in order to keep our volunteers accountable

  • Video calls will take place in a password protected meeting room (Only the resident, volunteer, and Generations Unite Volunteer Coordinator will know the meeting room password)

  • Volunteers must sign a terms of service and complete a California state mandatory reporter module

  • Volunteers must also sign a Waiver and Release of  Liability Form

  • Volunteers must also review our “Tips for Video-Chatting with Older Adults”

  • Ratings may be given to residents and volunteers to ensure that our code of conduct is enforced (Low rated volunteers will be spoken to by our Volunteer Coordinator)

  • The video calls could be recorded and stored in order to ensure quality volunteering and safety, but we understand that most Senior homes do not allow this to be done

    • This would only happen at the request of a certain Senior Home in order to protect their residents

Generations Unite has implemented a few precautions in order to ensure the safety of our volunteers and older adults; however, we are open to suggestions and other ways to ensure the safety of our participants.



Generations Unite hopes to reach out to as many older adults as possible and we hope to work together to accomplish this goal. We thank you for your time and would greatly appreciate an additional opportunity to speak with your company about our mission.