About us

         Generations Unite is a non-profit that connects older adults with young adults through zoom video-calling. Our primary goal is to provide a platform for older adults to share their life experiences, stories, and wisdom, while also meeting young adults with similar interests as them. We hope to provide an outlet for older adults to share their lifetime's worth of knowledge. Secondarily, we hope that the sharing of personal stories and pieces of wisdom instills a greater appreciation for the older generation in our youth. Lastly, we hope to provide a platform for older adults to help shape and inspire the future generation. Generations Unite is committed to helping older adults who feel a societal duty and responsibility for ensuring that the world they built is left in good hands.

         To accomplish these goals, we developed a free, easy-to-use website that will allow older adults to zoom video-chat with young adults. Signing up can be done through our applications and we will use the information to pair older adults and young adults based on similar interests, backgrounds, and experiences. We will also pair participants based on career interests: a former teacher will be paired with a young adult who wants to become a teacher, and a former nurse will be paired with a nursing student.

          If you are interested in becoming a youth volunteer or if you are an older adult who is interested in being paired with a volunteer, please do not hesitate to apply. We are always looking for more participants!